Adsense is growing systematically that we also need to grow as publishers systematically to earn more revenue from adsense. If you are a long term publisher you might have learned adsense tips for better revenue. It is also good to work with adsense program as it has its own guidelines to help us. Updating adsense program policies will help to understand better adsense according to the present situation. You must also work hard according to adsense program in writing contents and following adsense guidelines.

You might have also noticed that the system of the present adsense is not in the same as before some years back. The present system demands a lot to earn money. But as you think it is not that much hard to increase your revenue from adsense apart from your hard work.

To maximize your adsense revenue you need not only hard work but also adsense tips of optimizations to increase your revenue. If you apply hard work only you will get less earning. Let say you may get 0.08$ for each click, but if you optimize your adsense with adsense tip you may get at lease 0.20 or more for each click.

Know the adsense tips of optimization to double your revenue. I am sure that you now ready to know how to optimize your adsense ads.

Implement custom channels

You may not be aware that you have not applied custom channels for your adsense. What will happen if you work with custom channels? When you create custom channels your ads become targetable for more revenue. You need to select “show this custom channels to the advertisers as targetable ads” This will double your adsense revenue.

Blend your ads with the theme

Many people think that keeping adsense ads with blue color hyper link will work well. That is the old thinking pattern of many people. But today many publishers try to blend their ads according to the theme color. I am not asking that always you have to avoid blue color hyperlink ads, that is not the argument here. If you have blue and white theme you can easily apply blue color ads. If you have your website with some other color you need to think of how to blend your ads according to the color of your website theme.

Remove Yellow background Behind Adsense

When you work with responsive ads in your website you will find yellow background behind adsense. It happens because of  some themes. Learn to remove yellow background behind adsense.

Suitable Ads Placements

As the owner of the website you can place ads anywhere you want in your website. But to double your adsense revenue you must place ads in suitable places

Above the folder is recommended

The highest paying ads appear in the above folder. The above folder comes in the standard news paper system. User’s first catch goes to the above folder.

Under the post title

Under the post title comes above folder where you will get more clicks and more revenue. The 99% of readers get the sight of ads because the ads appears just below the post title

Sidebar Placement

The next best place to make your ads appear is the right sidebar or if not left side bar. All these placements are above the folder.

Under the post

You can try under the post . It is not above the folder, but this place gets more clicks.

Follow the Instruction of adsense

Follow instructions from insider adsense blog.