Spiritual Growth in Building Positive Energy or Negative Energy

I have come across many people who say that they are more spiritual than others in their lives. We need to appreciate those people who want to follow spiritual path. Spiritual growth means to develop positive energy.

Unfortunately in today’s world many misunderstood spirituality by bringing down those beautiful aspects to mere ritualism. This is very sad to see those people who give more time and energy to ritual acts than real spirituality.

Most of the religions of the world give more priority to ritualism than spirituality. Therefore many innocent people are journeying in wrong path thinking that they would attain enlightenment or salvation just merely following ritualism.

When you don’t understand the real meaning of spirituality and then you want to follow mere ritualism by even creating negative energy.

When we say spirituality it deals with spirit. In general we all know that spirituality means any thoughts and acts with good spirit.

There are two types of spirit. Good spirit and bad spirit. When someone acts in good spirit then we say it is good spirituality. When someone acts in bad spirit, then we say that it is bad spirituality.

Now when we deal with good spirituality then we deal with good spirit which is in another dimension. When we deal things in bad spirit then we directly make communication with bad spirits, which are also in another dimension.

Our intentions behind any thoughts and actions underline and highlight which spirit that we are try to communicate with.

Good spirit becomes the good spirituality which always help us to lead towards love which is the one and only divine language that communicates with each other, because God is love and love is God.

Pure and universal love always help one person to generate good spirit within himself. He is always being moved by the Divine Spirit of Love.

Every action, thought an word is based on love.

Now this is the time that we need to analyze positive energy and negative energy.

Every single thought of our mind generates energy of vibration. Every time when we generate thoughts in our mind, our mind builds a huge energy of vibration. This huge energy of vibration could be positive or negative depends on our spirit or bad spirit.

We must understand that we create energy of vibration in every thoughts, but we need to create positive energy in our mind by following good spiritual path.

If you follow bad spirituality, here also your thoughts and actions generate negative energy of vibration.

At the end, without your knowledge you become an instrument of evil powers. Evil and dark forces will make use of you to bring out bad activities whenever they want them.

I know that you are being always moved by the spirit. But the question is are you being moved by the good spirit or bad spirit. Your thoughts and actions will explain what kind of spirit you are following.

Do not build your energy on bad spirituality.

Generate love and only love. Love will lead you to follow good spirit. Good spirit will help you build your energy in good vibration and thus you will be an instrument of good spirit.

You will be the real source of love and strength to the people who are in need of God’s grace and love.

You can be a member of any religion bur forget about ritualism but live for love.

Without love, do not act in any circumstances and do not destroy the hearts of the people just for mere ritualism.

Love is God and not ritualism.

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