How to celebrate Christmas with Happiness and Joy

The season of Christmas is the season of happiness and joy. We should at lease know  how to celebrate christmas with happiness and joy.  When we think of christmas, it brings lots of  good memories of cheers and wonders. Though christmas is  a religious festival it goes with tradition of country and people. In some countries it is celebrated as seasonal festival with  public holiday. One thing is sure that the day of christmas brings lots of happiness and joy in your life and lives around you.

1. Reflect on the real meaning of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated to commemorate  the birth  of Christ on the 25th of December. The real meaning of Christmas is  that God became man; Jesus, though he is God, for the salvation of humanity he became man. God shared his mercy and love with humanity to redeem them from the slavery of sin. So in return we are reminded  to share the same  love and mercy with one another. Joy and happiness come through sharing love and mercy. While experiencing love and mercy within oneself, he needs to spread  the same love with others.

Participating in the Holy Mass, reading the Holy Bible and inviting God in our hearts and homes are essential in the part of religious view, because Christmas was born in the context of  the religion of Christianity. You cannot remove religious aspect in your Christmas celebration and if you do so, its becomes mere a festival on your part.

2.Happiness and Joy

When we imagine a Christmas day, we immediately get into the inspiration of  joy and happiness. Carol singing becomes the central point as it goes back to the source that the angles have sung the ever first melodious charol that ” Glory to God in the highest and peace to…”

The same spirit of joy and cheers fill the hearts of the people on the day of Christmas when they sing carol in the same meaning. While experiencing the cheer of Christmas, it is good to spread the same cheer with others.

3. Christmas Celebration within the tradition

Tradition has a lot to say about your christmas celebration. If you are in a particular country you are definitely in a particular tradition. You are bound by with that country and ethnic traditional way of celebration. When we say tradition, it contains lots of ancient way of doing things that are with full meanings. So celebrating Christmas with traditions gives more spirit of happiness, because it includes all the aspects of ethnic life.

4. Share love and Gifts

While reflecting the real  meaning and the origin of Christmas, we need to act on those thoughts in our daily life, specially on the day of Christmas. As we said Christmas is nothing more than sharing joy and happiness when God became man for our redemption. On that special day,  the full joy an happiness come,  when we share our love and mercy with others. Sharing gifts and  meals are worth of celebrating the festival of Christmas.

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