Submitting Two Sitemaps to Google Webmaster will Affect Your Adsense Earning

Submitting more than one sitemap to the Google webmaster tool will affect your adsense earning terribly. It is true that we need more traffics and visitors from around the world to our website, but we should not make mistake in webmaster tool by submitting too many sitemaps. thinking that many post and pages would be indexed in google search by doing so.

In fact, submitting more than one sitemap to Google webmaster tool will be considered duplicate by Google and thus you will end up loosing your pretty earning in Google adsense.

Two sitemaps in webmaster tool

This small article is mainly considered to the people who are earning money through adsense. Submitting one sitemap to webmaster tool is pretty good and advisable. Just imagine if everyone submits more than three or four sitemaps and if google indexes those sitemaps as they are, then the google search engine would be with more duplicates. So it is better to avoid submitting more than one sitemap and google actually loves your website with those disciplines.

You can learn more about google sitemap as it gives more guideline how to proceed with sitemaps. You can also learn how to build your sitemap according to the rules of Google. If you use wordpress for your website you can download google sitemap plugin to instal it. If you want to create xml sitemap online you can create here.

Adsense may considers invalid click

If you read articles on submitting sitemaps to Google webmaster, it is the advice of everyone that we should not submit more than one sitemap. By submitting more sitemaps, you may get more traffics, but if you are a person who earns money through adsense you need to know that every single click would be considered invalid click and you would not receive any earning from those clicks. You will be better in Google adsense if you work with one sitemap submitted in Google webmaster tool.

This was my experience that every single day I was earning money through adsense. Suddenly my earning was stopped and I did not receive any clicks and earning. After two weeks I realized that I have submitted another sitemap along with the present one. It has affected a lot and considered duplicated items in webmaster tool.

As a result adsense clicks were considered invalid and no earnings were recorded.

What I have learned from my experience is that if we want to earn money from Google adsense we should not add more than one sitemap to google webmaster tool. I wanted to write this to the people who have no idea about too many sitemaps submitted that affects your adsense earning.

If you have added more than a sitemap, and if you feel that your earning is not recorded in Google adsense then have a look in your sitemap in webmaster tool,

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