There are 10 basic things about chakras that you should know if you practice and maintain chakra meditation. It is more important to know that maintenance is the key to open all the chakras and to continue to balance them for further clarity of the mind. Having our chakras system in balance is the aspiration, the aim, to be connected to the universal love frequency and maintain this connection through our daily life.

Chakras are the main energy centers in our body that could be activated through meditation. Meditation is the gateway to activate your chakras. Meditation is  not only to use to activate your third eye, but also it gives much more life benefits such as good health and long life. You could practice meditation everyday to activate your chakras.

1. Chakras are the portals through which energy moves into and out of our system.

2. The heart chakra is also a transmuter of energy, it can clean negative energy.

3. There are 7 main chakras with several smaller chakras around our bodies.

4. The root chakra is the deep stuff: past lives, ancestral karma, present life childhood trauma.

5. The sacral chakra is known as the pleasure zone, the short term fix, the creative center.

6. The solar plexus is the power house of our mind-body-soul system, our core strength.

7. The heart chakra is the centre of the universal love frequency, a washing machine for all our dark energy or the negative energy of others.

8. The throat chakra channels our communication, our ability to be our authentic selves.

9. Our third eye and crown chakras relate to connecting to the universe, seeing with our soul and expanding our consciousness.

10. Chakras can get blocked, energy can get stuck. They should be open and free allowing energy to move as when required for a balanced system.

By balancing our chakras we could connect to our universe to receive strength, wisdom and knowledge. third eye chakra always makes connection between the universe and our mind and body.