Adsense is the best online platform to earn money. Many webmasters are earning a handful of money through adsense program. Blogger is one of the ways to earn money. If you are running a website in WordPress platform you might have known how to add adsense in your WordPress website. This article will help you  to add adsense in blogger. In other words it will help you to know the way to activate adsense in your  blogger website.

To activate adsense in blogger you must know two things

1. Know about the adsense account.

2. Know about the blogger.

Adsense account:- If you don’t have adsense account you need to get an account of approval. You can get it here.

Blogger:- If you don’t have any blogger , you must start blogger. You can create blogger here.

Once you have both accounts activated, then you must know the way to add adsense in blogger to earn your revenue.

In blogger account you have to activate to show ads.

In the adsense account you have to activate third party access.

The error message above can occur when 3rd-party Access has been disabled in your AdSense account. To re-enable access to your AdSense account by Blogger, please log in to your AdSense account, and click the Account Settings link. You’ll see an enable access link next to, you must click this link in order to create ads with Blogger tools. You will then be able to log back into and continue setting up AdSense from the Earnings tab.”