Are you tired of adsense program in your website? In Fact you must also familiar with affiliate programs that could replace adsense. The fact is that every body is not happy with adsense and at the same time everybody is not getting the same amount from them. As adsense has announced there are more than 2 million of publishers who work as the partners in the adsense program.

Do you think that every body is treated equally? According to the adsense announcement, there are several categories of publishers, based on several requirements. Last year they have announced that those who earn more than 25$ within a week will have special assistance from their team. The cry of the adsense forum make sure that every body is not cared properly.

Some are tired of using adsense and they do not know what to do next with their website. We should not forget that google search engine too plays a very good role that it determines the earning of the day. Since Google search engine and adsense are from one company it affects the publishers a lot in earning money online.

As Google has announced, many web pages have been neglected and dumped in the corner that no one get them in the search engine. Earning of adsense is also dependent on many ways. When some one gets 1$-2$ per click, other may get 5cent – 15 cent. Al those factors have made many publishers tired of working for adsense to earn money.

Whatever I said above are the facts on the parts of Google adsense and the publishers. The facts do not try to say that only one side is wrong. My concern is something different here that you must focus on your quality of your website rather than working with lots of sort coming.

You priority should be for quality content.

If you try to search for something in Google, you will get many results in many websites. If you carefully observe the websites that are appearing in the first page of the google search result, you will notice that all the websites that are appearing in the fist page of google search results are with best quality contents.

Google is trying its best to bring best quality contents out of thousands websites with the same contents to the readers. Within seconds readers get quality contents as search result.

Google wants to be the best teacher to the world?

Who is the best teacher? The best teacher is determined by many factors. One cannot be a best teacher with his deeper knowledge only. The best teacher is normally described with two main functions. One who has more knowledge and the one who know who to give the best to his students.

Can you understand the mentality of Google with regard to the search engine. Google wants to be the best and the first teacher to the world to give the best knowledge of something out of all. The is the very reason Google wants to give to the world the best of the all in the frist search result itself.

Google try to qualify things

Just imagine if Google is not that much strict on the contents that are being published in the internet what will happen as the result of that? Lots of duplicate materials will appear in the internet. There wont be any new contents and development that will boost new thoughts and life. We have to be proud and admire of Google for being strict against duplicates contents.

They also teach you that you cannot earn money without working hard or producing new things s your own. If you feel that you are not cared for better earning by adsense I am sure you may have some sort s of unknowing mistakes that could prevent your better earning.

I am giving you some points with regard to less earning or cornered pages of your website by Google search engines and I am sure if you have time to correct all those unknowing mistakes, you will get for what you work.

Duplicate contents in your websites?

When Google says duplicate contents, it highlights the second editions of any material in the internet. The content that appears first in the internet is the fresh content for Google. If you reproduce the same items somewhere Google consider it as the duplicate content.

Certainly, you may not steal from somewhere or someone, even your own materials can be duplicate by yourself when you reproduce it somewhere.

It is my experience that I wanted to close my other two websites for finding difficult to get more traffics. What did I do was I brought all the posts of the two websites to one website and deleted other other websites. I myself wrote all the posts and not from anyone. But Google considers them as the duplicate content for being published them second time in my website even though I am the owner and author of all the posts. Whatever I have copied from one of my websites to another my website cannot be found in the search engine.

Duplicated or Cornered pages may not produce money.

If you are aware that you will notice your so called duplicated pages or copied post will not produce money from Google adsense. You may have clicks in the duplicated content post but Google may consider them as invalid click and no revenue you will get. I know that all of them are your own writings ,but producing second time is considered as duplicated content.

Affiliate is Better Earning?

Again I remind the question here that are you tired of adsense earning program and want to earn through affiliate program? I have mentioned above why you are not earning money through adsense and why you are tired of it.

I am sure if you work with the requirements of adsense you will earn decent money. Even if you are not tired of adsense or if you earn better money in adsense, you need to consider other resources to earn money.

Affiliate programs are also best programs to earn better money. Some of the affiliate programs that you can join to earn money.

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In adsense you will get money for the impressions or click that are being made in your website. in affiliate programs you will get commissions for the sales that are being made in your website. Considering both accounts, you will have more chances to earn money through affiliate programs. In adsense to earn 100$ you need more clicks and impressions. But in affiliate programs, sometime, with two genuine clicks and sales you will get 100$. We should not forget also that all the clicks will end up with sales. Sometimes in affiliate programs there will be more than 1000 clicks but not sales, that means no earning.

I can advice you try both in your website and earn money from both programs.