Adsense earning based on the type of the website your are running

Adsense earning based on the type of the website your are running is to be considered. There are so many adsense tips and guides in the online to learn and earn a little decent money through adsense.

I am sure after reading so many articles in the online many are tired of changing themes, ad placement, color of the adsense according to the theme etc…etc.

After doing so much in changing many things in your website or blog, still u are scratching your head wondering what is next. Because you have anything to do now.

I want to say something to the people who are scratching their head for lower earning even after do much in their web.

Adsense earning is based on website and not much on color or placement or types.

Many are speaking about keywords, placement and color for better earnings in adsense. All are may be true, but at the same time we should not forget the type of the website you are running too.

Through my observation and experience, I feel the adsense team decides the value of the website and how much to give to each click. For me earning in a click is based on the website and not in any other factors.

My average earning for a click is 8 0r 9 cents. If I have 10 clicks I get 80 or 90 cents.

I changed the placement, I changed the color, I changed the ads types, and I tried different types of ads also, but still each click has the amount of 8 cents or lower.

So what is the impression I got was after observing it for 3 months, my website will get the average earning for a click is 8 cents and to reach the amount of 100 you have to wait for 5 months.

I am writing this small note specially to those who are continually scratching their head for lower earning through adsense. Some are earning good amount of money, and that is fine, and to be appreciated.

Don’t waste time by changing ads placement and themes rather accept that you will get same amount for each click. That is the really. We need to understand that they decide to give the amount and not the ads decide. There may be different types of ads running in our website now and then, but even though, all ads have the same amount.

What is more important here is that you need to write fresh contents that your visitor will  get something.  Good contents will bring more traffic to your website. Have you ever noticed that some posts titles are more attractive than other? It indicates that we need to write post title attractive that anyone wants to see the full stuff.

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