Buy sell ads platform is becoming popular in the internet. As we all know there are many advertising platforms that publishers can select for there blog. Here in this article what we are going to see is that how to become the partner of buy sell ads platform and how to earn extra money by advertising in our blog. If you work dedicatedly with your blog and website you can be sure that buy sell ads affiliate online advertising brings money in your blog.

If you want to join buy sell ads program as advertiser you can join in the same way if you want to join in the program as publisher you can do so. If you want to become as publisher in the buy sell ads program, before you apply for this program, you need to concentrate in your website to make more visitors and traffic for your website. If your website works with low traffic and less visitors, then buy sell ads team may not accept your website to add in there dashboard. You may keep on working with good articles, based on niche to attract more visitors.

You can also become advertising partner  in the buy sell ads program if you own a website  to sell your product. becoming partner as advertiser will not be a big problem for you since you pay  your own money to sell your products in another websites.

The question comes here that how to be successful in buy sell ads program by selling your product and to earn much money. There are more than 2000 websites with niche in buy sell ads platform. If you are interested in selling your product or need more visitors to view your products, you can  select your desire website which has more daily visitors. When you select  website to place your banner ads, consider those criterias  before hand

  • Page Rank 5 and above
  • Alexa Rank not more than 30,000
  • Domain Authority not less than 50,000
  • Price
  • Placement of the banner (it’s better to keep your banner above the fold, i.e. at the top of the sidebar, below post title, etc)
  • And of course, you’d better ignore those websites that have not been updated for months or even years.

In this article  we have given more details on how to be more effective advertiser in the buy sell ads, or how to be more active and successful partner as publisher to earn extra money.