Partaking in Google Adsense program is always positive. There are many tips and guides in online to earn more money in Google Adsense. If you study carefully the performance of your adsense ads it will take time to display the highest paying ads in your blog. It shows that adsense takes times gradually to study your content and keywords. In this background, changing Adsense formats often will affect your highest earning opportunity.

If we follow Google Adsense guidelines we can earn at least average or more money.  As we work with adsense we must know certain tips on earning from adsense. Adsense pays to the publishers for their genein work in differents ways.

If we are using word press, there are two things we should not always change in our website.

Don’t change Word Press themes so often

I have come across that some are always changing their themes. It is always advisable to have good theme for our website, but if we try to change theme so often, like every week, I am sure it would slow down your earning process. The more we change theme so often the more the time our website will take to appear in the search engines. Whenever we change the theme, our website becomes 50% new to the search engines, and thus we loose our already gained traffic.

Don’t change your Google Ad Sense format so often.

It is always good to have an observation on which ads format are getting more earning. As far as I know through my experience, after sometime Google determines certain ads and formats to a particular website. In time goes what happens is when we are using same ads and formats , Google place higher paying ads in between in the same website. Google to place higher paying ads in a particular website, it takes months and after that you will earn more.

If you change the ads format and placement so often, we are not giving time to Google to determine what types of ads to display on the website and as the result most of the time we get lower paying ads. Therefore avoid changing ads formats and placement, if you follow these little guidelines you will get certain increase earnings.