How to Fix Yoast’s WordPress SEO Sitemap 404 Error

Yoast’s SEO plugin one of the best plugins for wordpress website to increase your blog traffic. If you find Yoast’s plugin sitemap that ends with creating sitemap 404 error and you must know how to fix it. If the Yoast’s SEO plugin works properly it will increase blog traffic more than expected. In the same way if some settings are not proper then it will damage the whole traffic of your blog. If your website is new then you need to submit your website sitemap to webmaster tool. As a good practice submit one sitemap to webmaster tool and if you submit more than one then it may create duplicate contents of your website.

It happened to my blog and eventually I have lost 80% of Google traffic of my blog. Not indexing your contents will result weaking your SEO. To improve your SEO of your website add one of the SEO plugins that will increase your traffic.

I have tried many methods to fix the problem but I could not solve it. And finally this particular method has solved my problem.  There are many ways to solve  sitemap 404 error problem. You may try and see whether this method solves your problem or not. Finally I have found the way to solve the problem.

But you can try this method to see whether it works for you or not.

You go to Yoast’s SEO plugin dashboard open xml sitemap. Now you can disable xml sitemap and must SAVE it.

Again you need to activate xml sitemap in the Yoast’s plugin dashboard and SAVE it.

Now check and see, your sitemap will work.

Remember that you should always have an eye on your sitemap in webmaster tool and if you find that sitemap 404 error comes then you need to act quickly.

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