How To Increase Alexa Rank of your website

Alexa rank is highly recommended to a blog or business in order to get more traffic.purpose. The reason behind alexa rank is that it always recommends trustworthy websites. If you are a publisher who is looking for earning money, you should consider alexa rank of your website to keep it in the first place. Many bloggers are aiming to earn money through their blogs. In this  situation, what is the role of alexa ranking of a website? Alexa ranking is more important than what you think when you come to a situation where you sell or buy websites. There are platforms where you can sell websites or web spaces to display ads in your websites. at this junction the advertises consider alexa rank and if alexa rank is higher, you will have more chances to be success in your business world.

Successful story of a website is based on many factors such as  writing fresh contents, sharing them in the social media websites, submitting sitemaps to webmaster console, email marketing and so on.

How to increase alexa rank of your website or blog.

1. Write best quality content

I have read somewhere that you should at least write 3 posts everyday to make good traffic to your blog. If you are good enough in writing you can write even more than 3 posts per a day. But if you are not that much good in writing posts, write single post with good quality of contents. Instead of writing many articles in a hurry with less content , write a article per day with good quality of information.

Make your visitor to stay long in your blog and post. You have to write your post with little interesting creative way that readers will continue to read and spend time without their knowledge. It becomes your success when your reader spend much time in your blog.

Avoid duplicate content and coping from somewhere. You must know the technology of Google and alexa rank. If you copy from somewhere it shows that you have duplicate content and the Google and other rank will throw your post to the dustbin. Write fresh content as your own with your knowledge and imagination.

As I already mentioned in another article, niche is important to get more visitors who can stay long in your blog. The role of niche here is that if you stick with a niche, people will continue to come to your blog. Always write according  to the niche of your blog.

2. Share in social network

Social networks play very good role to bring much traffic to your blog. The more you get traffic the more you will get good rank of alexa. There are very good social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus. Twitter, etc. Keep in touch with them by sharing your post and encouraging others to share your post with others too.

3. Encourage guest posting

Who can earn much money through blog posts? The individual person or team workers? The team workers earn much money than the individual worker. Just observe the news blogs. In the news blog many are working as group and they earn much money. The secret behind earning much money in news blog is that when many work as a group, each will have their own group of people who will support and visit the blog. If a blog is run by an individual, then  only the family members and some other people will visit the blog. If you encourage guest posts then there will be more chances of many visitors to your blog. Your earning would be higher and your rank also would be higher.

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