Earning money through adsense is one of the best ways  in online. If you are earning money through adsense let us consider how to increase Google Adsense earning with little more efforts.

This is my fourth year in earning money through adsense. When I say fourth years of earning money through adsense do not imagine too much with lot of money. At the same time I will not say that I have not received any money from Google. But after four years of time my understanding of earning money through adsense has been changed. One thing you have to be sure you cannot earn money through adsense with cheap work. You have to work hard to earn money. Learn how to Increase Google Adsense Earnings with Little More Efforts

I am sure if you are reading this article that means you are working with adsense and somehow you want to increase your earning fairly well. Sometime it will take more than seven months to reach 100$ and still that you have to work and wait patiently to receive that money. Niche sites get more traffic and rank well by Google. Make sure that you site is niche based site.

So you want to know much about how to increase adsense earning with little more efforts.

1. Understand how adsense works.

You must know and understand how adsense works in websites and as the result adsense pays to publishers for their efforts. Most of the time we want adsense to work according our method. If we have that attitude and work with that attitude it would be very difficult to earn money through adsense. It is very simple to change our attitude towards the method of adsense.

We need to have little more knowledge on adsense and we must understand how it work in a systematic method. Adsense works with a systematic method and if we know that then it would be easy for us to earn money.

2. Keywords placement and adsense

You must know higher paying keywords before you write a post. If you do not know please read this article. Do not forget to install adsense plugin that works well with the WordPress website.

Now what is the trick here is that you have to place adsense code under the keyword paragraph. If you write a post with a higher paying keyword, place adsense under that paragraph. The result would be higher than normal. Because the simple reason is that the advertiser is searching for higher paying keyword publishers to place their ads.

3. Target Country

Adsense earning is not same to all the countries. Some countries are higher paying while others are paying little. US and Uk counties are higher paying. Your blog and post should target audience from these countries. Even if you get one click from these countries your earning is enough for the day.

If you become a smart worker with hard and creative efforts, you will achieve the goal. Hard working will increase your earning soon.