Increase WordPress Traffic Through WordPress SEO Plugins and SEO Tips

We, as the webmasters, work hard daily to be successful in our website or blogging. At the same time we are also aware to know that how hard it is to make our websites alive and active around the world through search engines and social networking. This article will help you to understand and to make how to increase wordPress traffic through wordpress SEO plugins and SEO Tips

Even after much tireless hard work with fresh content of posts we find difficult to succeed in our efforts, we feel that we unable to achieve the goal that we want. We have come to this discouraged stage after doing everything possible to the website. But it is true that we have work hard and our articles are fresh with new contents, but if we are not aware the others factors that are also part of the success of the website, we are differently corned in the internet.

Whatever I said in the first paragraph is not the story of someone in the internet. It is the story of me who as the webmaster underwent those experiences for more than 5 years. I am not that much defeated, but I have more rooms to improve as the webmaster in the area of blogging. I am very proud to say that I acquired those knowledge by myself with my personal effort and study in the internet. Because of that very reason it took so long to understand certain matters with regard to the web developing, and I advise others to get help from competent people to learn quickly rather than prolonging the time and energy in the future.

I always trust in the search engine landing pages of our website. More visitors can land in our pages from various sources such as social networking sites, e-mail marketing, direct url landing etc. but what is more convenience and realistic are the visitors coming from the searching engines.

So our main focus here is how to optimize our website and posts to the search engine such as Google ,Yahoo and bing. As we have seen, the visitors coming from the searching or traffic from the search engines are the real traffic that are mostly considered by many.

In my personal experience I have noticed that when I have published a small interesting news which is from the yahoo website, it have given me a clear knowledge of SEO factors. After publishing that post, the following day I have checked it in the Google search engine with the title that I have published it in the previous day. For my surprise, my post was in the second place of the Google search results. I was so happy by seeing it in the google. Unfortunately after 10 days, again I have checked it in the Google search engine as I did earlier. I could not find my post in the first page. I was trying to find in the second page , third page and fourth page,,but nothing found. I have continuously passing pages in the Google search engine and finally for my shock I have found it in the tenth page of the Google search engine results.

I am sure no body will see that post if it is in the corner of the search engine. I can understand that when there a post with a unique title ,mine is in the first place. When there are many posts with the same title mine is somewhere in the corner.

Easily I can understand that something wrong with the SEO that determines the search engine priorities posts accordingly.

By analyzing all those factors of failures of my website i have come to the understanding that we need to work with certain types of plugins and SEO setting to increase the traffic of the website.

I am writing this article not for the expert but for the beginners like me who are struggling to come up with steadiness of their efforts.

To be successful in your WordPress websites you need to concentrate in many areas that are also important in SEO and traffic matters.

1. Permalink Settings

If you have not changed your permalink, you need to change it. This should be your settings. There are many options, but custom structure is best to use

Day and name
Month and name
Post name
Custom Structure

2. WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

This is one of the best plugin for SEO for the WordPress websites. I have been using this plugin for years and it is very good with many options that can be done in the WordPress itself.

The options are like that:


XML sitemaps

htaccess and robots.txt files

No need to go to the root file through FTP. You can change any settings in the plugin itself.

If you have not installed yet, you can get it here. WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

3. All In One SEO Pack

It also works well like other SEO plugins. I have installed both SEO plugins and no conflict created by them. I have had an experiment with both SEO plugins. My favorite SEO plugin is SEO plugin by Yoast. After sometime I have uninstalled all in one SEO pack plugin from my website and I have noticed that I have lost certain amount of traffic in my website. Again I have installed the plugin and it works well.

If you have not installed the plugin yet you can install it here. All In One SEO Pack

4. Pay Attention on your Theme: Premium and Genesis or Thesis

When we speak of WordPress theme as we want to choose one for our website, there are many factors should be considered.

Here I want to stress two important factors that you should go for them. There are many WordPress themes and developers. I have been using so far free WordPress theme for my website.

You may happy with your WordPress theme when you install it as a free theme. Free theme mostly will not work with the Google search engine optimization.

You can buy premium theme from Genesis or Thesis developers. Both themes are very good as they come with good frameworks.

What is special in genesis or thesis them is the them itself will send posts to the search engines.

When you buy theme you wlll get more support from the developers how to optimize your website to the purpose that you are looking for.

If you want to buy Genesis theme you may buy it here: Genesis Theme

Once you finish the above settings in your WordPress website, You need to concentrate on some of the plugins that will drive more traffic to your website.

5. Broken Link Checker:  

Can be used to keep tabs on 404 pages and the plugin will send you an email. You can then go in and manually fix or redirect them. It will notify your links broken.

6. SEO Friendly Images 

If your images do not have the alt attribute, SEO Friendly Images will add them according the options you set. When someone search for something in the Google search engine, the images also would be considered.

7. Simple 301 Redirects

provides an easy way to add a 301 redirect for the posts, pages on your WordPress site. You can even set wildcard redirect rules using this plugin.

8. Automatic SEO Links

It is quite useful to generate internal links from within your content. According to the keywords and urls and the plugin will intelligently add the url to the keyword within your WordPress posts. It is useful to build internal links within the post.

To speed up your website you need to install one of the following plugins. Those are the catch plugins which will load the pages quickly.

9. W3 Total Cache

Best catch plugin used by many.

10. WP Super Cache

same as other catch plugin which will work with all the website.

15. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) 

Comes with a lot of features like cached related posts, adding related post in RSS feed , etc.

16. Social Locker for WordPress

can be used for social sharing and to get more traffic.


WordPress increase traffic depends on the factors such as Good content with fresh ideas, SEO optimization, SEO plugins, social plugins,etc Our website will get more visitors through search engine itself if we apply those expected requirements that are vital for any WordPress website.

I love to hear from your ideas and if you find it worth please share with others.

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