How to Use Social Networking Sites to Get More Visitors to Your Site

Social networking becomes the backbone in business comparing it with the past experiences. Many researches show that big big companies invest their knowledge and time in building customer in social networking sites. If you want to get more visitors to your site you must know how to use social networking sites to get more visitors to your sites. Learn to use social networking sites to get more visitors to your sites.

Social networking site is like fishes in the sea. It is up to us how to catch many people in the sea of social networking sites.

First of all understand social network site itself.

Often we don’t think about the social network sites. We forget about the social network sites and give more time how to use social networking sites to work in our sites. You take facebook company, what are they doing? How are they trying to build up their business? They are not trying to build up their business in the air. They spend much energy and time to build up more audience and customers in their social network. The social network itself try the best to get more visitors and audience for them.

This is a small data from another website to make you understand about facebook usage

“Consider this: It wasn’t until 1997 that the Internet reached 50 million users in the United States. Facebook gained over 100 million users in the U.S. from January 2009 to January 2010, marking a 145 percent growth rate within one year, according to research by digital marketing agency iStrategyLabs. If you’re a business owner that hasn’t embraced social media networking as a major component of your success strategy, it’s due time to hop onboard.

‘When you’ve got 300 million people on Facebook, that’s a huge business watering hole,’ says Lon Safko, social media expert and co-author of The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success, of the site’s global reach. ‘The profile is like an index to your company.” (from ink site)

As of September 2013:

71% of online adults use Facebook
18% of online adults use Twitter
17% use Instagram
21% use Pinterest
22% use LinkedIn

All these above data, weather it is accurate or not, give us some knowledge of the usage of the social networking sites. Many are engaged and involved in one or many social networking sites to share or promote their ideas.

I give you these information to show you how more people are engaged in social networking sites and how we can make more customers through them.

How to use them

The question is how to use social networking site to improve your visitors or your business?. As I have mentioned above it is visible that millions are engaged in the social networking sites.

How am I going to use those millions of people who are in social networking sites to visit my website or in part of my business development.

Pay Attention Here

More visitors can be get to any website through social networking sites if basic things are considered.

1. Understand your website and niche

As the owner of the website you must know about your website and the niche. Niche site will have more prominent place to get more visitors and customers.

2. Give and get

“Give and Get” is a very good statement in any area of life. To get more customer in the social networking sites, you must give very good content to the readers. You can build up more visitors to your website by providing best content to them.

3. Not always but steadily

Nobody will care when you are absent from the social networking site for a long time. Whether you are engaged in the social networking site or not, the world will move on with the rest of the people. What is more important here is that you need not to share content in the social networking site everyday. But share your content often with good content.

3. Take break from writing

Taking break from writing to your blogs or website is good for further fresh content. We need to learn from nature that how the nature takes rest for the next round.

4. Share in many social networking site

Do not satisfy with one or two social networking sites. It is advisable and better to sign in more social sites to get more visitors from various areas.

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