Want to Build Website Audience for Your Blog – Follow the Techniques How to Build

Are you tired of writing articles for your blog? Do You Want to Build Audience for Your Blog – Follow the Techniques of How to Build.

If you feel that you are tired of writing articles for your blog, I am sure your expectations are not completed.

What is your expectations? We will deal with that topic separately later.

Many bloggers find difficult to achieve their goals of blogging.

Here we are coming with the techniques of how to build audience for your blog.

I am sure if you follow those techniques you will get more audiences.

1. The type of your blog

You will have audience for your blog according to the taste of them. You have to open your eyes and see in what product people are more interested. You need to create niche site in order to get ranked in google search engine. Pay attention in one particular topic and work on that topic.

For example:

I have created two more other blogs, thinking I can get targeted audience every day.

One blog is based on meditation and the other blog is based on heartfelt quotes.

After 6 months of hard work I have found nothing from those blogs.

People are crazy for money and they take all effort how to earn money.

There are only some people who want to read some articles like meditation and other quotes.

Those people are not ready to invest in any way.

Do you think that I am mad of creating those blogs?

Yes today I feel that I have wasted lots of time in writing articles in those blogs which have no visitors at all.

If you are a charitable person and if you want to do charitable works and then those blogs are meant for that.

If you want to earn money, you need your own domain. Before you buy a domain, you need to read a lot and study how and where you can earn money.

I recommend you that if it is your plan to earn money do not start charitable blogs or spiritual blogs. As a single person you will find very difficult to achieve the target.

Now You Have Finished Creating your Blog, What is the Next Step?

2. Build Your Targeted Community in Social Medias.

By now you are getting ready to build up your audience.

May I ask you one question?

What is the difference between family members and crowd in the street?

I like to compare both, because both are in a small group.

The members in the family as a group is far better and closer and stable than a group of people in the street.

You can explain certain things to a group of people in the street, but there

is no guaranty that they will support you always.

If you discuss something in your family you can be sure that the whole family members will be with all the time.

You may be wondering why I am explaining those things with comparison.

There are enough and enough audience everywhere in the internet, but it is your talent to make them as your community members who can support you all the time.

3. Submit Sitemap to Webmaster Tool

If you website is new and then create sitemap and submit it to webmaster tool.Sitemap helps to index your website contents  in google search engines. as the result your website begins to receive more traffics.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase website traffic. Create email list to add subscribers for your business. In short time your email list will have more email contacts  that when you publish new contents your subscribers will attend to your posts.

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