I am sure you may be familiar right now with your adsense account. I am also 50% sure that sometime you may be struggling to earn money through your adsense account. Today many are working in online to earn decent amount of money for their daily living. If you are the owner of the website or if you are blogging in daily basis you may earn money through the program of adsense.

Little Knowledge about Adsense

You may ask what is adsense? Adsense is a program where you can earn money by placing their ad codes in your website. It works in two ways. You will be paid based on impression and clicks.

How to Apply for Adsense

Before to think how to apply for adsense we need to know what are requirements that should be fulfilled. Eligibility to participate in AdSense should be considered before to apply for adsense account.

Once you have achieved you requirement you can apply for adsense.

How Much You Earn?

How much one can earn through adsense is depend on how your website works. As I said you earn money through clicks and impression. You need lots of traffics to earn money. If your website meet lots of traffics then you will have more chances to earn money.

Some days your earning will be more while other days less or just nothing. Earning is based on many things such as keywords, country, language etc.

How to Increase Your Earning?

As far as I observed my adsense earning, clicks coming from search engines earn more money than the clicks coming from social networks. The best way to increase adsense earning is to work with your SEO. SEO will work to bring your post in the search engine. The more your posts appear in the first place of the search engines, the more you have chances to earn money.

Always Remember for Better Use

Never try to experiment to click your own ads. You may be tempted to click your own ads. Google knows how to track your every single movements. Follow adsense terms and conditions that you will have more opportunities to earn money.

Do not use more than 3 ads. When we say 3 ads it includes 3 text and images and 3 links ads. In my experience 3 ads are more enough to get the attention of the reader. In my experience, at the begging I was using more than 3 ads including link ads. But now I prefer to use 2 ads or even I may go down to one ad.

Do not encourage others to click your ads. I never say anything about adsense ads in my website. If I reveal the secret that I am earning money by clicking ads in my website many will try to click and the result would be getting banned.