How to Write Contents That Google Ranks Them High

Many find difficulties to work with Google search engine optimizer. The question is that,  are you writing posts for human or search engine?. Here we will learn to write Contents That Ranks High on Google search results. The answer may be both. But articles should be for human interested basis. Millions and millions of people around the world are using Google to search their interested articles. If your post is not optimized for Google search engines, and then even if you write good articles, it will not reach anyone around the world.

When you write an article, you write it for human. In the same way you need to make it as Google optimizer.

When you write a post or article, your content of the post should be new and long. The way you describe matters will help the audience to come again to your blog. The Long articles with long information will be appreciated by many. Keep on writing for human with long information.

If your articles is long with more information, the reader will take long time to surface your post. The more the reader spend time in your post, the higher the Google pick it for up to the first place.

As we all know now keywords are king for the best blogging. Google pick up keywords and not sentence. If you have good and visible keyword in your article, when Google scroll your post, Google will understand your keywords quickly. The keyword must be repeatedly mentioned in the post articles in many place.

Interaction of many in social medias will increase the chances to rank first in the Google search engine. What is the meaning of interaction? How to create the environment for interaction? Ask the audiences for feedback and comments. If your audience ask a question, do not postpone to answer that question. In the same way among other readers there will be interaction of questions and answer.

Add more social media networks to reach many people. Your article could be viewed by many when it shared in the social media.

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