FATIMA Apparition PREPARE FOR 2017 An era of peace?

2017 is the hundred years of anniversary of Fatima apparition where our Heavenly Mother promised certain information with three secret message. We need to prepare for 2017  for new era to begin. Apparition of our heavenly lady is more essential in today’s world that we need to come back to our peaceful life.

Mother Mary is always faithful to God, to her Son Jesus and even to us as her children. Our heavenly mother  so loved us that she came to protect us from evil powers.

Let us love our heavenly mother as our own dear other and follow the instructions given at Fatima apparition.

Our heavenly mother asked us to prepare for an even that would change the whole world within second. But she promised that she would be with us always.

We need to prepare spirituality to overcome evil among let us and to go forth to welcome  heaven the is our real home from which we have come  to earth to accomplish our account.

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