11:11 Spiritual Meaning – What does it Mean and its Significance

Have you seen 11:11? How often do you see it? Do you know 11:11 has its own spiritual meaning? Yes of course, 11:11 has its  spiritual meaning of life. You could learn the meaning and  significance of 11:11 that you could get real spiritual meaning of life if you see it 11:11  of often.

Some people consider its numerology when they see 11:11 more often.  Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence. This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity. Some authors claim that seeing 11:11 on a clock is an auspicious sign. Others claim that 11:11 signals a spirit presence. The belief that the time 11:11 has mystical powers has been adopted by believers in New Age philosophies. However, skeptics say that Uri Geller’s examples of 11:11 phenomena in world events are examples of post-hoc reasoning and confirmation bias.

Ancient understanding behind 11:11:  11:11 has its own spiritual and numerological meaning. To recognize that you  see  it often, you need to raise your vibration to a higher level. If your vibration spiritually low, then even if you see it  you don’t realize  that something significant is taking place in your life. So  through meditation and prayer make your life conscious to see spiritual things around you.

The second thing is that when you see 11:11 more often then at that moment make a positive wish  that you feel and want. Be sure that all the positive wish will come trues at correct time when the universe understands your needs. You could make a wish but at the same time allow the the universe to work out for to bring  your wish to you at the correct moment of your life. Still that you need to wait for universe to bring it in your life.

You must understand when you make a wish when you see 11:11 that a positive new window is opening up in your life. At that moment you must ask your guardian angels to guide you to know what is happening in your life. Your guardian angel is ever ready to help you at any time  when you reach the higher form of spiritual frequency. You must also pay attention around you to know what is happening when you see 11:11. One of my favorite ideas that I read was that when you see 11:11 you should simply stop, and recognize the significance of the moment.

What is the numerology behind 11:11? We have spiritual meaning as well as numerological meaning. Numerological meaning goes like that: “According to numerology the number 11 possesses the qualities of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and is idealistic. I have read on a website that seeing 11:11 can be viewed as a glitch in the matrix, it is a very real way for the spirit world to communicate with us. I don’t know if we will ever find out exactly what it means, I think you can decide for yourself what it means to you. I know I always get a smile on my face when I see it, it definitely makes me feel good and I love to share with others, ‘Hey look! It’s 11:11!’”

Apart from those spiritual and numerological meaning, other significant concepts are there to follow in your life.

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