Waking up between 3am to 5am could be a Spiritual Sign from the Universe

Waking up at the same time every night could be a spiritual sign that the universe wants to communicate with you. From 3 am to 5 am is a spiritual time where spiritual activities are in high. In other words the universe considers your worthiness to be part of his spiritual journey.  If you wake up continuously at the same time in the night that means you need to pay more closer attention of your spiritual life. It indicates that someone wants to communicate with you to make you understand the purpose of your life on earth.

Our body uses our internal clock system which always works with the universal clock. If you are tuned to your internal body clock, you are tuned to the universal clock. When the internal clock is set  to work with the universal clock, your spiritual activities begin to work accordingly.  Your energy and the universal energy on aliment to correspond to each other.


The First Watch – The Beginning Watch (6pm – 9pm)
Scripture: Habakkuk 2:1

– It is a time of quiet reflection to release anxieties to the Lord and meditate on God’s Word.
What we could not hear clearly earlier in the day, we begin to hear during this time

The Second Watch – The Night Seeking Watch (9pm – 12am)
Scripture: Psalm 59 – A special time for divine favor, divine judgements, and deliverances

The Third Watch – The Breaking of Day Watch (12am – 3am)
Scripture: Judges 7:19- This is a time to wage spiritual warfare. This is the darkest and most demonic part of the night.

The Fourth Watch – The Graveyard Prophetic Watch (3am – 6am)
Scripture: Matthew 14:23-25 – This is an important time because it is the time that the satanic agents who went out to perform their activities are returning to their bases

The Fifth Watch – The Early Morning Watch (6am – 9am) Scripture: Psalm 2:7-9 – This is a time that God strengthens Christians

The Sixth Watch – The Morning Watch (9am – 12pm)
Scripture: Revelation 3:8 – During this watch, we must look to the cross, declare what Jesus had done and stand in His promises

The Seventh Watch – Transitional/Apostolic Supernatural Watch (12pm – 3pm)
Scripture: Psalm 91:5-6; 14 – This is a time of complete surrender to God

The Eighth Watch – The Afternoon Watch (3pm – 6pm)
Scripture: 1 John 1:7 -This is the hour of prayer, restoration of covenant, power and triumphant glory. It is DONE!

Body function between 3am -5am

If you look at the organs connected to that time period 1 AM and 3 AM – “The liver is being refreshed during this time”…the liver deals with toxins…it could have been that you were waking up during this time (and feeling positive as you say) because your liver was busy dealing with/processing all these toxins…throughout this “awakening period”…I have gone through a similar process with so-called “positive” and “negative” emotions occurring at different times, depending on what I was going through physically/emotionally at the time. I don’t think this article is wrong, however it does emphasize the so-called “negative” emotions and could have touched upon the “positive” emotions i.e. how the liver cleanses us, opens us up for renewal etc.

From 3am to 5am

Waking at this time can tell you several different things about your current state.

Firstly, since 3-5am is a time associated with the energy meridian connected to sadness, you might want to consider what you can do to practice better self-care before bed (and when you wake up).What do you find soothing? Is there any music you can listen to, or could you take a warm bath with lavender oil?

Secondly, for some people waking up at this time is an indicator that the universe is trying to direct your attention towards messages that relate to your higher purpose. This is an indicator that you’d benefit from refreshing your memory of the major Law of Attraction signs that suggest you’re at risk of missing new opportunities to manifest your intentions.

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