Takhini Hot Springs holds hair freezing competition

People with very long hair should lay it down on the sides of the pool so it freezes in single, long strands. The unique contest, which offers prizes of up to $700 to those who can submit the best frozen hair photographs, takes place in temperatures which rarely exceed -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things are pretty chill in Whitehorse, Yukon, in February, where the average temperature rarely exceeds 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

But things can still get heated, thanks to a chilling hair-freezing competition.

The Takhini Hot Pools, which has held the very cool contest every February since 2011, invites hot spring visitors to submit their best frozen hair photos in hopes of winning a first prize of $700 in cold hard cash.

How do you feel this competition? You might have little more time to watch this youtube clips for entertainment experience.

Source: unexplained-mysteries



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