Wayne Dyer’s 6 Essential Principles For Spiritual Living

Humans are capable of  creating emotions and feelings. Those emotions and feelings most of the time work on physical level that create lower vibration around us by deviating from spiritual realm. Wayne Dyer’s 6 essential principles inspire us for deeper spiritual  living.

We also experience spiritual vibration in certain  feelings and emotions when we raise our energy to a higher level. Spiritual positive vibration could be raised up as long as we follow spiritual path. Wayne Dyer give us 6 essential principles to practice for spiritual living.

Principle #1: Be Independent of the Good Opinions of Others

Being independent according to  our way of living is important in our life. People are ready to pas opinions on everything what we do or what we say. Opinions of others about us  could be good or bad. Do not worry about bad opinions of others when you are not responsible for certain actions. You must learn to be independent of the good opinions of others. Others good opinions or bad opinions should not bother us too much. We need to determine for ourselves how much we’ve allowed others to decide issues such as what we do, where we live, with whom we live, and even how we’re treated. We must know that absolutely no one else truly knows and feels what we’re here to accomplish, so we must give ourselves permission to hear our inner guidance and ignore the pressure from others.

Principle #2: Be Willing to Accept the Disapproval of Others

Just check and see how we react when others do not accept our way of living, our words and actions. Opinion has other technique  word  as positive criticism and negative criticism. This is our human nature that we all want to hear positive opinions and appreciations. What then, if someone wants to pass negative opinions on us? Are we ready to accept the disapproval of others? It is all in our attitudes that sometime we are not open for corrections.

Principe #3: Stay Detached from Outcomes

Do not act for end results.  detachment is the way for perfection. even you need to practice detachment from what will happen in the future. You need to learn to accept what is going to happen in the future as if you are passive in your thoughts and actions the nature will bring you what you really deserve in your life. Your outcome of everything may be good or bad but you have to stay detached  from those outcomes.

Principle #4: Know That We Need Nothing/No Things to Be Inspired

what is your expectation of  your life? Our expectations come as the result of what we search for. Material things are here just to help us to live a beautiful life on earth. When we pass this earthly life then we have nothing to do with material things. The real needness is to know the real purpose of our existence on this planet. You should know that there is no need for materials things

Principle #5: “Don’t Die Wondering”

Are you scared of your future? Are you scared of what will happen next in your life? Are you living on fear of your life? In anything you should bother too much imagining that certain things will happen in your life.  If you wonder too much of your life you will not live your life as you are expected. In other words life is simple and live your life just as it is.

Principle #6: Remember That Our Desires Won’t Arrive by Our Schedule

It is our experiences that we will not get what we desire for. It is our human nature that we want everything in our life. Sometime we will get what we want and some time we will not get what we want. We will have our own plan according to our wish  but some time it will not happen as we want and when we want. It is always good to accept the divine willingness hoping that you will receive blessings from heaven on time.

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