20 Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symptoms You Might Experience

Spiritual awakening happens in life to begin mission or to accomplish mission. Spiritual awaking might happen spontaneously or through regular practice of meditation and prayers. These are the 20 spiritual awakening signs and symptoms you might experience when spiritual awakening happens.

When you begin to experience transformation,  you can be sure that your awakening is taking place. If you are not sure what is happening within yourself, then those signs and symptoms will highlight you  that you are under spiritual awakening process. You will also experience meditation benefits. This is also called Awakening The Third Eye and Pineal Gland – Know the Truth. Learn  Basic Things to Know About Chakras

1. Physical sensitivity – sensitive to light, noise, certain foods.

2. Emotional sensitivity – extreme highs or extreme lows, wild or erratic mood swings, unexplained depression or sudden waves of emotion

3. Energetic sensitivity – picking up on energies or feelings from people, places or things. Feeling overwhelmed by your own energy or others

4. Unusual sensations – tingling, tickly feelings, buzzing or prickling, shivers or shaking

5. Feeling drawn to metaphysics or spirituality – healing, religion, meditation, practices etc

6. Ringing in the ears or feeling frequency changes

7. Synchronicity – seeing number patterns, peculiar coincidences, meaningful signs or symbolism

8. Lack of interest in negative vibrations or interests, loss of interest in old friendships, places or behaviors

9. Knowing that something has changed within you or your life, even if you can’t explain what

10. Becoming more introverted or sensitive, craving more time alone

11. Aversion to superficial, fake or inauthentic people, places or things

12. A deep yearning to find meaning in life, to help others, to fulfill a life purpose or soul mission

13. Powerful aversion to traditional work, the system, or having to work for money

14. Increased psychic or intuitive abilities – senses, visions, knowing, hearing or even seeing

15. Changes in appetite and eating habits – you may find you are suddenly much hungrier, craving protein or unusual foods. Sudden aversion to drinking alcohol, eating meat, chemical laden food or unnatural substances, or less need to eat at all.

16. Changing sleep patterns – unable to sleep, waking during the night feeling wired or overstimulated, sometimes more than once

17. Sudden health complications, ailments or injuries – old issues held in your energetic blueprint are being released

18. Vivid, meaningful dreams, or lucid dreaming

19. Confusion in life or inability to make decisions

20. Impatience – perhaps you know something is supposed to happen and you feel you literally can’t wait for it, or you feel a soul call or life purpose that needs to be fulfilled. A feeling of time running out

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