10 Signs You’re On the Right Path to be a Rich

All are going around for money. Money rules the world and with money you can buy anything that belongs to the world. I want to be careful when I say that I can buy anything of the world and you have to be very sure that you cannot buy certain things which do not belong to this world. 10 signs that you are on the right path to be a rich.

I write this article to underline that we need money in this world to live peaceful life and we all work to get some money for our living.

Money is not everything but we need money. To be rich is not a bad idea but we should earn money in a  proper way to be a rich person. These are the signs to say that you are in correct path to be a rich person.

  1. They go to a restaurant where prices aren’t listed on the menu (meaning they cost more than my monthly mortgage payment)… on a Tuesday night… and they’re not celebrating a birthday/anniversary/new job.
  2. They name their children horrendous names like Randolph Edward Channingsworth IV in honor of the family’s forebearers who earned, subsequently squandered, then redeemed the family’s inscrutable wealth. They endearingly call the over-monikkered child “Trad.”
  3. They don’t go on vacations; instead, they “summer.” Maybe they “summer” at the coast, or maybe they “summer” at the mountains. They never, ever go on road trips.
  4. They talk with a slightly British accent, a la Madonna, although they don’t have a single ancestor with ties to the United Kingdom.
  5. They fly first class. Seriously, nobody except a millionaire can afford to fly anything other than coach these days.
  6. When they say they have “season tickets at the Met,” they mean the Metropolitan Opera, not the New York baseball team.
  7. They are impeccably accessorized. If you comment on their Louis Moinet watch, they’ll brush it off – “This old thing? My parents gave it to me when I graduated from Haaaaaahvard” – but you’ll know it cost upwards of $2 million.
  8. They have a driving range in their attic (no, this is a true story – I recently met a man who has a full-fledged driving range in his attic; I didn’t believe it until he whipped out his iPhone to show me pictures).
  9. They have the job title “Consultant” printed in bold font on their business cards. When you ask them what exactly it is that they do, they reply, “Ohhh, you know, a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.” No, you don’t know.
  10. They call their gym a “health club.” They never use any of the cardio equipment, nor do they lift weights. At best, they may indulge in a game of racquetball or a round of golf, although they’re usually found hobnobbing in the steam room.

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