10 Signs You’re Under Too Much Stress

Stress is the beginning of other serious illnesses. 10 signs are given here to make you understand that you are under too much stress.

Stress is a sickness that we need to take it seriously to cure it before it create another problem in your body system. To understand the seriousness of stress we need to take a simple example of a vehicle. What we know  about a vehicle when it creates some kind of heat in the system of engine? We know that the heat from the engine is the signal that something going to happen to the engine and it gives warnings to see to those matters. If we do not pay attention to those warning then it will create problems that might damage the whole system. Let us understand those signs that our body system create and act as soon as possible to prevent further damage of our life and body systems.

1 .You’re exhausted: You may feel that you have lost your whole energy. You wont feel of doing anything. You have no interest as if you have lost everything. You need to pay attention to recreate your energy.

2. Neck and back pain: We don’t often  get neck and back pain. Neck and back pains are directly connected  with stress. If you begin to feel neck and back pain in your body then you are under stress.

3. High blood pressure: Pressure is the sign to show  that our heart function is not normal. High blood pressure is the symptom to say that our blood circulation is in extreme mode that should be in control.

4. Shortness of breath: Long breath will increase your long life. Short breath will reduce your long life to short.  Pay attention when your breath becomes short that your short breath would be an indication that you are under stress.

5. You can’t sleep: If you cannot sleep properly on time then you are under some problems. You are unable to sleep due to your problems. Good sleeping in night recharges your body with energy that you could function in the following morning.

6. You are always sick: You will feel that you have no strength in your body. You will feel all kinds of sickness every time. If you are in stress you’re no normal and you will feel that you are lost energetically.

7. Irritability:  You will feel irritable in everything and everyone. The first reaction would be not with happiness. You would avoid meeting people as they will make you more pain.

8. Tearfulness: Stress not only give you laziness but also damage your body organs. Stress will bring tears and that is also one of those main signs that you are under stress.

9. Headache: You will feel strong headache without no rest. The headache will be so strong that you will find it difficult to bear it up.

10. Fear of Future: As the end result you will have fear of your future life. You would wonder what would happen of your future life. You will feel insecure of your life.

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