Bakers create world’s largest Jaffa Cake

A former winner of the competition show “The Great British Bake Off” baked the world’s largest Jaffa cake. This is the latest largest cake that the Bakers create world’s largest Jaffa Cake.

Frances Quinn, who won the televised baking competition in 2013, teamed up with the staff at Hambleton Bakery in Rutland, England, to bake the Guinness World Record-breaking four-foot-wide treat with a surface area of more than 13 feet.

People want to record their talents in Guinness World Book. Any talents and performances come in the first place before it is recorded in the guinness world record book.

This guinness world record is something on Jaffa cake. World’s largest Jaffa cake was baked  in Hambleton Bakery in England.

“It was a massive challenge, not least because I don’t think I’ve ever made a Jaffa cake before…” Head Baker at Hambleton Bakery Julian Carter said. “Getting hold of the ingredients was the first hurdle, and a board big enough to bake it on. Everyone had a lot of fun in the end. And to go into the Guinness World Records book is some achievement for everyone involved.”

The chocolate covered spongecake was made using 12.3 pounds of eggs, 13.4 pounds of butter, 13.4 pounds of of caster sugar, 13.4 pounds of self-raising flour and 7 ounces of vanilla.

It was then coated in 26 pounds of orange-flavored jelly and 33 pounds of dark chocolate.

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