You might have heard, saying or asking, ” How to be happy?” or some one asks us “are you happy?” People are worried about happiness and they want them badly in their life. Real happiness always come from within oneself and outside conditions cannot give those happiness. If you follow those 7 rules then that is the time you will begin to experience happiness in your life.  If you do not experience happiness that is the Sign that  You’re Under Too Much Stress

Even though happiness is the state of mind, because ultimately mind is everything that creates all the feelings and emotions, our way of life and behavior fuel to the conditions of the state of mind. What you see below are the 7 rules of simple life that make anyone to be happy.

7 rules for happy habits

  1. Wake up early. Waking up early and going to bed early creates a positive routine for your body and mind. It’s energising, refreshing and motivating to be up early before anyone else. It enables you to get the first of the daylight and have a focused morning session before the distractions of the day arrive.
  2. Meditation and Prayer. I love to begin a new day with meditation and prayer. Simple Meditation is the best instrument to make someone to understand the real purpose of life. When the person realize the whole purpose of life then he begins to search for happiness.
  3. Exercise daily. Getting your body moving has tons and tons of benefits on top of the physical health ones; it wakes your body up, improves circulation to the brain, releases happiness chemicals, boosts your metabolism and improves your concentration. It also helps you sleep better which means you wake up energised for each new day.
  4. Disengage at the end of the day. Finish your day by doing something relaxing. Reward yourself for a day of hard work. “Disengage” breaks throughout your day will also help to keep you focused and motivated throughout your different tasks. Remember downtime is just as important because your body and mind need time to recover so they’re ready for a new set of challenges the next day.
  5. Regularly help others. Acts of kindness and helping others boosts your happiness & wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of whoever you’re helping. It’s also an opportunity for you to grow and develop by helping in areas which are new to you.
  6. Learn new skills. Life and happiness is about growing and developing. Don’t settle for where you’re at, look for new challenges and opportunities to progress.
  7. Have multiple ways to “win” each day. You can finish everyday on a victory high. So set different mini challenges each day to give yourself this opportunity. For example, jog for 3 minutes longer, cook a new dish or read one chapter from a book you’re reading.

You can also find other simple rules for further happiness. 

1. Never hate
2.Don’t worry
3. Live simple
4. Expect a little
5. Give a lot
6. And always smile

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing. – William Yeats