I have found a small piece of article in Quora in which you would find what women search for in google mostly. Do not imagine much or do not be disappointed  as the world expects in some other way. I write it here because I just wanted to do so when I have come across this information.

Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that men are better at searching for information online. Are we natural Googlers – or is Google weighted to suit our needs.

You could find more information in other website about women search, but this is also good to know what women search in google commonly.

The below search information is based on a woman, appeared in the social media that provides enough and clear aspects of woman’s mentality in interest and searching.

“I verify pieces of information found on social media.

* I look for homemade recipes and therapies.

* I look for hacks and tips for everyday life.

* I check for new useful softwares.

* few nights ago I was looking at dinosaur bones.”

In addition to this… You will find below information in cnet which gives ideas in another angle.

“In a heartwarming analysis of Google searches, Dan Ariely, author of the beautifully named “Predictably Irrational,” revealed just how different boyfriends and girlfriends are, when it comes to asking the Google oracle for ways to solve their relationship problems.

Taking the search “How can I get my boyfriend/girlfriend to…” how to make my husband happy?, structure, Ariely showed that girls most want to know how to get their boyfriends to propose. Truly, this is one of the most treacherous areas in human life, and I have many deep and forceful opinions on the subject.

Girlfriends are also very keen to know how to get their boyfriends to spend more time with them, love them, and generally be more romantic and less stinky.”

Do you think men are better than women in google searching?

To understand the mentality of both we should know the fact how the research on men and women resulted.

“The first thing we should get out of the way is that research shows that men are better at Googling. Strangely, this hasn’t been studied as extensively as you might expect, but one of the key studies was done with a group of school children who were given a project and access to Google to find out how mosquitoes select their prey.

While the scope of the analysis wasn’t extensive, the results showed that boys outperformed girls by a “significant” margin. They were better at acquiring information directly relating to the subject in hand, and they gained more high-quality knowledge related to the topic as a whole.

So why do men and women search in different ways? In part it’s down to biological differences in our brains. Psychology professor Richard Haier investigated the different types of brain tissue (there’s two apparently: white and grey*) and found that men have 6.5 times more grey matter, which is typically associated with information processing centres, whereas women have ten times more white matter, which works to network these processing centres. This, according to neuropsychologist Rex Jung, is why men tend to do better with tasks requiring more localised processing such as mathematics, and why women are better at integrating and assimilating information.”