Story on the power of the Holy Spirit make us to reflect how God’s Spirit is at work in  our life. The Spirit of God removes all obstacle in our life, by encouraging us to begin a new life with new value of everything.

Unnamed missionary: India

Our team runs a business in northern India in one of the most populated and impoverished regions in the country. In addition to the extreme physical need, this area is also one of the more unreached areas in the country. We employ people from different faith backgrounds and provide a fair wage, child care, and share the love of Christ with our employees.

A few months ago, a fire broke out and engulfed an entire neighborhood near our business. As soon as we heard about it, several of our employees who live in that community rushed home to help fight the fire. The remaining employees at our office immediately stopped what they were doing and prayed for the homes and the families of their coworkers. They prayed specifically for each person’s house by name and asked that it be spared.

For hours we helped people fight the flames, trying to salvage as much as possible. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, hundreds of people had lost their homes and possessions.

The next morning at work, our employees gathered to recount the prior day’s events. Every single one of our employees’ houses had been saved! In fact, their homes were some of the only ones that were still standing. The women remembered that they had asked Jesus to protect the homes of their coworkers, and He did exactly that! Coming from Hindu, Muslim, and Christian backgrounds, these women witnessed the power of Christ.