Different Types of Flavorful Vegetables Dishes To Serve

Everyone likes to enjoy different types of dishes especially in main meal time. Cooking is really an art that we all should learn to prepare some dishes at kitchen. The best recipe in cooking vegetables is varied that different types of flavorful vegetables dishes you can prepare.

As I come across online I have found one green planet website that provides lots of recipe and cooking methods in vegetables. So I thought of sharing those flavorful vegetable dishes not to eat but to learn how to cook and prepare. It is good to visit the website to see the original description  of flavorful vegetable dishes.

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1. Raw Veggies

Many love to eat raw veggies to avoid side effects of other products. Raw veggies always contain natural nutrition and when you eat those veggies you will not lose those nutrients. It is also good to know that there are plenty of ways to prepare raw vegetables with marinades, sauces, herbs and spices and turn them into a beautifully composed dish.

2. Boiling Veggies

Boiling veggies is common way of cooking method. However it should be done properly, otherwise they could end up gray and mushy with no nutrients left inside them. Boiling veggies is easy that you need a pot salt and water. If you keep veggies in hot water after cooking you may lose taste and nutrition.

3. Steaming Veggies

Personally I love eating steaming veggies for taste and nutritions. If you don’t want to boil and apply oil for veggies you can steam veggies. How to steam veggies that give taste to all?. To steam vegetables, bring some water in a pot to a rapid simmer or easy boil, add a steamer basket or colander on top and place the veggies in the basket. You can add aromatics like garlic or ginger to the water to add flavor to the vegetables.

4. Sautéing Veggies

Sautéing is one of my favorite ways to cook vegetables, mainly because it’s quick, easy and the veggies get a ton of flavor. You need a pan for your cooking. Keep your pan on medium heat, add some ol and wait until it shimmer. While you add veggies, you can also add onion, garlic, ginger or chili pepper, and saute them until they are softened.

5. Stir-Frying Veggies

Heat the pan on high heat and then add oil that can stand up to the high cooking temperature such as vegetable or peanut oil. Add the vegetables to the pan in order of longest to shortest cooking times. Stir the veggies constantly until they are crisp-tender and bright. Add any stir-fry sauce at the end and toss the veggies to coat them.

6. Braising and Stewing Veggies

This method takes much time that you can slowly cook them.   veggies like root vegetables, potatoes, beans, squash and celery. You can braise veggies in water, broth, wine or any flavorful liquid. For the most flavor, saute the ingredients in oil with aromatics until they are browned and then add the liquids for them to cook in.

7. Roasting and Baking Veggies

Roasting veggies is probably the easiest way to cook them and you need not to be there all the time as its takes time. You can roast any vegetable including onions, garlic, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, and squash.

8. Frying Veggies

Frying veggies is tasty to enjoy but not advisable to consume a lot. As you fry veggies in oil, more chances are there for other diseases. Fried veggies are good to introduce to those who don’t like to vegetables. Frying doesn’t have to mean deep-frying in quarts of oil. Pan-frying will give you delicious, crispy coated veggies with not a lot of oil.

9. Grilling Veggies

Grilling veggies is easy but you will get smoky flavor. You could grill inside or outside of  kitchen. Apply some oil in between to make it tasty. When grill marks form, flip the veggies to cook on the other side until they are tender.

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