How to Motivate Yourself With Simple But Smart Ways

Inner Spirit gives you meaning of life. Inner spirit gives you enthusiasm to move your life for better and worth living. It’s all about how you motivate your life and how you expand your life with the universe.  Some better ideas are given here to motivate your life with simple and smart ways.

The aspect of motivation in life has something to do with positive vibrational energy that moves your life to higher dimension; that is beyond the human sense of understanding. Correct motivation in life leads to correct path of wisdom for higher vibrational living.

The spiritual teachings of Wayne Dyer express how one could easy develop true spiritually by integrating  the sense of motivations with the positive attitudes of listing to others with the intention of changing the life for better living for others.

There may be obstacles in our path but all those obstacles could be removed  with our efforts of motivations that we are going to practice in our life, because it is we who give value to everything; what we are and what we are going to do.

1. Begin somewhere in your life some kind of motivations:

We want to be like this or that, but we never take effort to be as we want. Just begin to practice something good that will eventually lead to better.

2. Start with little things to catch the bigger one:

You have to plan to catch the best, but you need to begin with little things. Just follow “slow and steady”system, so that you will not feel tired and fed up.

3. Follow motivations of spiritual and learned people:

Everyday we are inspired by others. Motivational thought are the reflections of spiritual and learned leaders. Following the teaching and the lifestyle of those leaders will motivate us for bright future. They are trying to explain the better side of life which they have already experienced but still we have not.

4. Follow  motivations of people who are with you:

As we follow different types of motivational people as model of our life, we should not forget to imitate people who possess wisdom, especially our parents, who are next to God with lots of life experiences and compassionating love for us.

5. Have positive aspect of your failures:

Failures are the steps for success. Michael Jordan, considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

In a famous ad campaign launched by ‘Nike’, Michael is quoted as saying he has:

  • Lost almost 300 games (that’s more games than many NBA players have court time in)
  • Missed over 9000 shots at goal (again more shots than an average NBA player even takes)
  • 26 times he was given the ball to take the game winning shot and MISSED

Jordan goes on to say the reason he has succeeded boils down to his constantly failure and used failure as motivation to shoot for success.

6. Do not hesitate to accept your mistakes:

Accepting mistake is the beautiful and positive sign that you are aware of your weaknesses and ready to change your life towards better performance.

7. Meditation for 10 minutes:

Meditation is one of the best spiritual practices that one should consider everyday for success in life. 15 minutes of everyday meditation gives you clarity of mind for better performance.

8. Always thankful what you are getting:

The attitude of thanks towards the other and things is a great strength for positive vibration that the divine nature showers upon you.

9. Compare yourself with yourself:

Compare your life with your past life. In other words we need to see how our life is progressing in the way we have recently started.

10. Always remind yourself that you are working for something better:

Whenever you are discouraged, or you feel laziness, or you feel meaninglessness of things that you are doing, you remind yourself again and again that you are working for better achievement in your future life.

11. Work tirelessly to achieve your goal:

The future goal is the one and only aim that we need to work. Any effort and movement should lead towards the goal.

12. Sit and look back the way you are walking.

This is the time for you to look back your life. You could do it once in a week or once in two weeks. However, I always suggest that 10 minutes everyday,sitting in a lonely place and checking my life is worth for immediate correction for further growth.


As I conclude my writing on how to motivate yourself with simple but smart ways for bright future life, I would like to highlight that we have always two directions, if we take good direction we will experience bright future in our life.

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