Germany’s Wacken Hard Rock Festival Gets 7km Beer Pipeline

This is also one of the fascinating news on beer in german festival. In all festivals of all cultures around the world beer is served and nothing wrong with it. But it’s something different that Germany’s Wacken hard rock festival gets 7km underground beer pipeline to supply beer.

One of the world’s biggest heavy metal events, the festival is famous for its beer consumption with each of its 75,000 attendees typically downing an average of 5.1 liters of alcohol.

The venue is on the edge of a village in Schleswig-Holstein with 1,850 residents. This year WOA will feature 150 bands, pumping out their rock numbers from 3-5 August.

The beer flow rate should reach six glasses every six seconds, thanks to the 35cm (14-inch) diameter pipeline.
On the WOA website the organisers say the pipelines are an investment to make the festival more sustainable and cost-effective.

Source: Unexplained mysteries

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