What People Say About Human Beauty

All want to be beautiful, but what kind of beauty they want to be is the ultimate question of all. This article will say what people from all over the world say about human beauty.

As we all know human beauty depends on the way we look at. Beauty is understood as external beauty and internal beauty; physical beauty and spiritual beauty. People have different opinions on human beauty. Let us see now what people say about human beauty. Creating motivations in life through daily meditation produce peace and happiness which is the inner beauty of a person.

A man from New Delhi says, “If you ask me, like, what’s a sexy thing about a person, it’s his or her intelligence.”

“Elegance,” a woman from Paris answers. “To me, it’s when you don’t know you are beautiful. You feel good about yourself, and you can act natural.”

“When one says beauty, the first thing that comes my mind is women. Everything is centered around women,” a man from Rome says.

A woman from Shanghai emphasizes natural beauty, but says there are far too many people who get plastic surgery today, and it makes them look fake.

“Traditionally big eyes, strong eyebrows, high nose bridge, and a sharp chin is a pretty girl’s look,” says a woman from Shanghai.

Big chests and bottoms on women are also noted, as well as big muscles on men. One man, however, says calling his gender beautiful is offensive.

The participants also describe their ideal partners, honing in on the qualities that make them beautiful, as well as the traditional standards that their cultures insist make someone beautiful.

“It can be outer beauty, inner beauty, or a moment,” a woman from Berlin says. “For everyone it’s subjective and you have to decide for yourself.”

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