How to Make Dainty Sandwich Fillings

Dainty sandwich fillings is easy to make.  Dainty sandwich could be eaten at any time for any meal. Let’s learn how to make dainty sandwich fillings.

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1. Asparagus roll. Cut wafer-thin slice of brown bread; remove crusts. Roll slices with a rolling pin to make them thinner, then spread with butter or soft-cream cheese. Place a well-drained canned asparagus tip on each slices and roll up. cut into 2 or more portions.

2. Scrambled egg is good blended with a very little mayonnaise, and finely diced green pepper to give touch of crispness.

3. Fish pate made by blending smoked trout or mackerel, canned salmon or tuna with a little butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper (omit salt if using smoked fish). Delicious combined with thinly sliced cucumber.

4. children like grated cheese and apple. Blend this with the butter to spread on the bread, then cheese doesn’t fall out. Other favourites are peanut butter plus honey; grated cheese with chopped dates or grated raw carrot.

5. ost sandwiches freeze well, except fillings containing egg, or crisp ingredients like cucumber or carrot. Bite.sized and dainty sandwiches are so easy to make. To cut very thin slices of bread dip the knife in boiling water, pat dry and use hot.. Try this fillings.

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