I am writing this small article on sitemap submitted to Google search console but site not indexed in order to help you if you have the same problem of your sitemap not indexed in Google.

The simple reason for me to write this article is that almost I was mad after some time of my site stop indexing in Google search console.

My site has been  performing well and  I could experience the increasing of traffics  day by day. It was a pleasant experience as a webmaster when I see my website performing well.

For my surprise it happened one day that my site was losing traffic gradually and If you earn money from adsense you will also lose earning. Therefore, I have  stopped writing articles in order to check what has happened in between.

The Mistakes I Have Made In Order To Solve The Problem

Now I want to solve my problem that I have been facing for the last two weeks. I want to know what has made my site to lose traffics?

The First thing that I have checked is my sitemap in google search console. I could see that the sitemap has stopped indexing before two weeks. But it was clear by seeing the sitemap  date and time that google was trying to crawl the whole website but not indexing.

The  first thing came to my mind is that I thought it is something wrong with the yoast seo plugin (my thought was wrong) which is not working properly. I have submitted sitemap to google from yoast seo plugin. I  don’t like to remove yoast seo plugin, instead of that I have installed another seo plugin which is All in One Seo plugin.

My whole attention was that somehow I wanted google to begin to index my site again, for that I have generated another sitemap from all in one seo plugin and submitted to google. Now I have made the function of whole website worst but I did not realize it at that moment.

Now I have two sitemaps in google search console but no indexing, it remains as it was before two weeks without any improvement.

Again now, I thought something wrong with my wordpress theme and I have changed my theme expecting that theme is creating some problems which are not allowing google to index my site. Later I have realized that what I made change in theme was wrong.

How I have Solved My problem….

I have a lot to write here about sitemap not indexing, but I think It is good to summarize with my solutions in order to reduce your time and my time.

I have again removed All in One SEO Pack and deleted sitemap of that plugin from the google search console. Here I would like to say that always keep one seo plugin and one sitemap submitted to google. Submitting two sitemaps will harm your website indexing. If you keep installed more than one seo plugin and sitemap, you will definitely  lose your website traffic and google follow not indexing your site. But this is not the solution that I wanted to tell you. My solution is in the bottom paragraph. Considering the theme which I have changed,  I would say that nothing wrong with my theme  for not indexing my sitemap.

The solution is that I have forgotten something which I have made in my site. I did not mention this also in this article above. I have found the solution by remembering that I have installed a cache  plugin which all know, that is WP Super Cache.

When I was searching for reason for not indexing sitemap in the internet I have found a piece of information saying that catch plugins are worst enemy for good wordpress website performance.

The first thing I did was that  I have just uninstalled the WP Super Cache — WordPress Plugins  and with that everything was fine.

Google started again to index my sitemap and my web posts began to reappear in the google search result. I have also remove some other unwanted  plugins which are not actually the cause for my problem but to avoid unwanted issues like this in the future.

My sitemap was not indexed because of the WP Super Cache — WordPress Plugins.