We all love to eat fruit salad. If we have the recipe of green fruit salad and if we know how to prepare it,  then we can easily make it at home. Though all love to consume green fruit salad, children mostly like this type of fruit salad very much.

Learning variety of cooking method is rich way of enjoying our daily meal. As we learn now how to make green fruit salad, let us also learn some more recipes so that we will have more knowledge on cooking meals.

Recipe for green fruit salad


500g (a good 1 lb) of a mixture of the following
Red grapes
Green grapes
green apples
green pears
slices of lime
star fruit
a few spoonfuls of fruit juice for the Garnish passion fruit seed


Peel, deseed, core, stone and slice the fruit as appropriate and serve it in a glass bowl with a few spoonfuls of good fruit juice for the syrup (apple and pear are nice and clear) and a few slice of lime and some passion fruit seed for decoration.