Cake becomes the common short eats among many in spite of other eatale items. There are different types of lovely and tasty cakes which sometime beyond words. Among those cakes, sponge cake one of them which has a nice look with good taste. We provide you recipe for sponge cake preparation that you will learn to make it.

How nice to learn some more recipes along with sponge cake recipe and as time goes we will realise that we have learned many other recipes too. Follow other recipes links down to learn more.

Recipe For Sponge Cake Preparation


4 ozs flour
4 ozs sugar
4ozs butter or margarine

Vanilla essence for flavouring
2 teaspoons baking power
8 eggs


Sieve the flour after mixing with baking power. Then beat the eggs. (whites and yolks separately). (Beat the butter and sugar).

Fold in the flour. Then add the beaten eggs alternately. Add the flavouring. Bake in a moderate oven about 3 minutes. When cold top with the icing. For icing ingredients: 4 ozs butter. 8 ozs icing sugar.


Fold in the icing sugar with the butter.Add desired colouring shades. Then ice the cake with either the oil paper cone or syringe.