We all love to eat chicken. Some love to eat chicken everyday. You can make plenty of delicious dishes out of chicken. Here you will find recipe for peppered chicken  dish preparation. We cannot think of a party or celebration without chicken dishes.

So much of demands are here to learn chicken dishes because all will expect to enjoy chicken as main meal in a celebration. We should learn to make peppered chicken dishes because it has its own taste and flavour.  Learn some more recipes as you learn it here, so that you can produce more delicious dishes in no time.

Peppered Chicken Dish Preparation


One medium size chicken
1 tablespoon crushed black seasoned flour
1/4 chicken stock
pepper corns
2 oz butter


Cut chicken into joins. Place in bowl with crushed peppercorns. Add milk to cover and let stand several hours or overnight. Drain chicken and coat pieces with flour. Heat butter in a heavy frying pan, add chicken pieces, and brown on all sides over moderate heat. Add stock, cover pan, reduce heat, and cook until chicken is tender (about 40 minutes). Serve at once.