A Story Of A Street Child Becoming An Atenean Graduate

This is a beautiful inspiring story to all of us that a street child becoming an Atenean Graduate. Use this story in homily to inspire people. Read  other motivational stories like :

Story Begins . . .

A lot of people are really determined and are very much willing to finish studies in a prestigious school, the only problem is that they do not have enough money to support their studies and to pay the fees in prestigious schools.

Just like this 20 year old man from Cagayan de Oro who was once a street child who’s exposed to illegal drugs, illegal activities and poverty. But because of his determination to finish his studies he decided to give his best shot at Xavier University for a slot of scholarship in Ateneo de Cagayan which is his dream school.

Although he wasn’t sure if he’s going to get a chance to get a slot for the scholarship he still did it anyway.
“We knew right there that he was different, that there was something about him,” one of the faculty at Xavier University said.

Rusty is now an Atenean Graduate

In an interview for the scholarship, Rusty quickly asked if they could translate the interview in “Bisaya” because he cannot speak and understand English. He didn’t even deny the fact that he didn’t finish elementary and high school. The only thing he’s holding on to is his diploma in Alternative Learning System.

What caught the attention of the faculties is when Rusty entered the room with no pretensions at all, he didn’t even pretend that he knows how to speak English, his only goal when he entered the room is to get a slot for the scholarship.

In 2010, Rusty was admitted to Xavier University with a scholarship. He decided to study Development Communication and major in Education Communication. He could not believe that he got in, much less become a scholar.

“I know that getting in is just the first step and I worried that I may never survive the first semester,’ Rusty said.

Rusty was really having a hard time on surviving at school. To sustain his education, he needed to work while studying. He needed money for his own needs and also for the photocopies needed for school.
On March 28, 2015 Rusty proudly wore his toga and marched on his graduation day. Although he already has what he’s dreaming of, he still doesn’t forget where he came from and what he experienced before achieving this success.

In return, Rusty spends his time with the street children. He often talks and encourages them to study and get out of the streets.

Rusty with his Father via Rappler

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