Wheats and weeds. Good and evil. Smoking is one of those weeds that we have accumulated in our life. Stop smoking weed success story would be a good example for us to learn that we can also remove certain weeds from our lives. There may be various obstacles along our lives, but we have the spirit to remove them. Sometime we are afraid to remove our bad behaviors from our life but trust in the Lord and in his providence that he will guide you to make you as good wheat.

Stop Smoking Weed Success Story

Same exact story. I have always been a pretty motivated guy but after smoking (which I loved) for years I found myself slowly becoming In a rut. I would want to finish whatever I had to do that day just so I could go home and smoke. I was only truly not high at work only. Other then that I would be high all day and would turn my lifestyle to support my habit. I still did great at work and no one truly new what was going inside my head and how much smoking was truly effecting me.

I found myself always needed the stuff and would also be looking anywhere for it just to get high. I also would feel guilty of doing this and spending the money but it was ok because I could just smoke myself into a state of whatever. I found myself pushing friends away and spending all my free time just getting high instead of putting the time into my social life / career

Now for the good part.

After stopping for a month I have become superman. All that time and effort I had to do to keep myself high now goes into my personal life and career. I no longer want to rush home just to get high and I have my hunger back also not only for food but for life. My brain is becoming sharp again and my Motivation is back 150%. At work I am getting another promotion and people are amazed At my level of work (which is normal I feel)

I will always love smoking but I am done with it. It was a big black hole, a time sink, an excuse to not go out and tackle the world. Sure in small moderation maybe nobody will ever go through this but after reading these posts and feeling the exact same way I know it is an issue. Also hearing my friends say “man I wish I could quit”. I know it’s not just me.

Good luck out there everyone and I hope this wall of text helps someone gain happiness again if they lost it.

This story first appeared in quitmarijuana