Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Quotes

Happy wedding anniversary wishes

Happy wedding anniversary wishes and quotes for all who wants to wish  newly married couples. Make use of those wedding anniversary wishes to share your blessings with them. Married life is so beautiful if you really practice pure love with your partner. Do not be in a hurry to marry at first sight of a girl rather wait for your soulmate for perfect happy married life. Have beautiful times with your partner and share love and romance as you understand each other.

1. The bond of a marriage can take various forms, depending on whether life is imitating calm or storms. Sometimes in can be a beautiful knot, sometimes it can be a fragile cord. Regardless of what it is, I hope your lives overflow with bliss. Happy anniversary.

2. The echo of your love and the sound of the sea have a few things in common – they are both constant, soulful and eternal. Happy anniversary.

3. Real relationships are when you can fight like enemies, laugh like best friends and love like soul mates. Happy anniversary.

4. No one and nothing in this world is perfect, but the two of you are as close as it gets. Happy anniversary.

5. Parties, dinners and get-togethers – we have many selfish reasons to gather and wish you both a great life ahead. Happy anniversary.

6. Whatever you do and wherever life takes you, never underestimate the power of honesty, love and friendship. Happy anniversary.

7. Relationships are not about give and take, they’re about share and care. Happy anniversary.

8. For some people, a perfect marriage is a myth, fairytale, legend, fable or false hope. But for me, it is a real thing which exists between you both. Happy anniversary.

9. Times change, people change, but memories remain. Wish you both a lifetime of happy memories. Have a fantastic anniversary.

10. The first few years of marriage are likely to be the best. It is only later that life becomes a test. But the love between you both makes you better that the rest. Happy anniversary and good luck.

11. For some couples, being perfect means being flawless. But for a wise, mature and beautiful one like you, being perfect means accepting each other and making the most of what life has to offer. Happy anniversary.

15. May the sunshine of happiness always break out from the clouds of misunderstandings to form a rainbow of love in your timeless marriage. Happy anniversary.

As an old couple your legs may have become wobbly and beautiful wrinkles may adorn your lovely faces, but your love for each other never seems faded regardless of life’s phases. Happy anniversary.

Even after so many years of living together, you both haven’t got tired of each other. Here’s wishing that you stay, like this forever. Happy anniversary.

You are one of the most wonderful things. That happened to my life. I will always cherish and love you. Happy Anniversary!

On this day I have met you. You have changed my destiny. Happy Anniversary Dear

Without you I would have nothing. And this day God has shown me my love. Happy anniversary my dear

Before meeting you I heard about romance. After meeting you I know what is romance. Happy Anniversary my Dear

If you were a flower, I would have become a bee, If you were a river, I would have become kissing shore, No matter what you are I love you. Happy anniversary my dear

On this day I found my true love, True love that made me what I am. True love that guided me when I need, Happy anniversary My sweetheart.

If I could count the times that I was thinking of you. and turn them into stars, I could’ve made a galaxy by then.

As long as you are at my side, It doesn’t matter where we are, and what we have, A special marriage anniversary wishes. From your loving partner.

Thanking you for all the happiness. and support you have given to me. Wishing you all happiness and peace.
Congratulations for Anniversary

As the years pass by, the love towards to you grows. Thanks for giving a wonderful life.
Happy anniversary

You came to my life as an angel, And you converted it to a garden. Thank you so much for all those memories.
Happy anniversary

Even amidst difficult times, tough situations and harsh circumstances, you have proved that a happy marriage can sail you through any storm of life. Happy anniversary.

Your anniversary should have been a monthly and not a weekly affair, for having just one day in a year is just not enough to show each other how much you care. Happy anniversary.

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