How to Create Website: Step-by-Step Guide

It’s all about how to make a website. You want to know this because you want to make a website for many reasons. A website to promote your your products or to share your thoughts with your community. If not, you want to make money  online for your living.  It is true that you are a professional in something and you want to share those ideas with the world. In return you want get paid for your service that you render to the world. To accomplish your mission successfully,  you need a website right now and I am sure you are in the correct place to learn how to create website and it is a step-by-step guide to anyone who wants to begin his work as a webmaster.

With this small introduction let us concentrate on how to make a website.

I have built my first website in 2006  and the software I used to make the website  is the Dreamweaver.  That was my beginning of creating website. So it was not like today, that I had hard time to make it live. Today the situation is different and everything is perfectly well prepared beforehand for anyone to handle it perfectly well. Just forget about our past and just focus the presence and continue to the future.

1. Choose your website Platform

The first thing you have to do is that you need to choose a platform where you want to build your website. For your information, there are three types of main platforms where you can build your website. As far as I know, the majority of webmasters are using as their platform to build their website. I also strongly recommend you to go for as it brings for you numerous benefits to make your website lovely and beautiful. Apart from the, there is and platform available for anyone to use them.

You can see the small picture  of the usage of the platforms to get a good idea of them.

You can keep other two platforms for knowledge and go for to create your website.

Why Many Recommend WordPress?

When many are going for, it is obviously understood there is something special in that platform. I would say it is fantastically very good to create a website and to run it online.

What is special that we can see in

The WordPress Platform Itself is Free:

That would be the good news for anyone to hear that wordpress is free. That is the first and foremost specialty of the wordpress. So you can just create your website out of free of charge.

Free WordPress Themes

It comes with free wordpress themes that you can install the theme you want according to your need and taste. There are many themes with different colors and columns that would definitely fulfill your needs.

Many Plugins are Available.

One of the fantastic thing in the wordpress platform is that there are many plugins that you can just install them in a click within a few seconds for your usage. And if you are not happy with them you can just uninstall them within the matter of seconds. it is like that you don’t feel that you are doing something in  your website.

No need to learn HTML, CSS and PHP

As I have mentioned above, in 2006 I have created my first website in Dreamweaver which also demands a lot of HTML coding work. It was painful and it consumed lots of time and hardwork. But in the case of wordpress platform we don’t need to learn HTML, CSS and PHP. With wordpress you feel safe and sound.

WordPress For All

You can create small business website or big website. It doesn’t matter for which you are creating your website. It just for any purpose that you can do it.

I am sure that  you know now the specialities of the wordpress platform and you can work on it.

Do not Download WordPress Directly To Install

Now you know something about wordpress and you may be wanting to download and install it.  That is not the way you need to work on the wordpress platform. You must know from where to get wordpress and where to install it.

Get Domain and Host

Before you think of wordpress, you need to buy your prefered Domain and host.

What is domain?  Domain is the web address. It is like

What is host?   It is like a store place where you keep your all contents. The host provider makes sure that your site is fast and live all the time for online visitors.

Therefore you must know that without one of them you cannot create a website. You need to buy those important things before you think of installing wordpress.

Where To Buy Domain?

Now this is the time that you want to buy your domain and host. There are many places where you can buy your domain and host, but is more popular among many big business websites and even you can rely on it. If you plan to bu domain, then you can buy it in

When you get domain and webhost you will also get free email account related to your domain name. It would be easy for your customers to remember your domain and your email.

How to Install WordPress First Time?

After buying your domain and host in or in any other host provider, you have to log in server dashboard first. Go to control panel and select WordPress. After selecting wordpress to install, you have to  select your domain and then install.

Now your website site is ready to be live. Create your contents slowly and publish them so that you can express your thought and business to your community.

How To Change WordPress Theme

When you install wordpress first time, your website will take default theme to use. But you can change your theme  as you want.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to appearance and select theme. In theme sections you will find many themes and select your desired theme and install it. All the themes that you find in the themes sections are free to use.

Change Your Permalinks

This is more important for the website beginners  that you need to change your permalinks as soon as you install your wordpress. Permalinks are connected with SEO and it shows the way you want to display your post and page address.

Go to wordpress dashboard,  and in setting section you will find permalinks setting option. Select option as you want . I have selected for my website like this

Adding Your Post and Pages

Not is the time for you to create your contents. You can create pages and posts. Before you create contents, you need to create three important pages, such as About Me pageContact page and product page.

It is up to you to keep your website as a blog or website site. Blog means, you have to update posts and other informations regularly. Website means you describe  your product services once and for all and people will engage in your site to buy your products.

Install Essential Plugins

New wordpress website needs essential plugins for SEO factors and for smooth running. As soon as you install wordpress, you continue to install 20 essential wordpress plugins that will help your site to get ranked in Google.

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