Beautiful Advice From Bear Bryant A Football Coach

Bear Bryant

Bear Bryant

We all most certainly remember the name of the late Bear Bryant, the famous football coach for Alabama. When anyone thinks of Bear Bryant, good thoughts come to their mind. Everyone not only loved him, they respected him. Bryant knew how to draw the very best out of his players.

Many of the pro ball players quickly point to him as the person who made the difference in their lives. Bear Bryant had a simple philosophy that he used to inspire his players. It is a philosophy any manager would be wise to try.

You don’t have to write this down because once you hear it, you will remember it. It’s three simple points:

  1. If something goes wrong, it is my fault.
  2. If something turns out alright, we did it.
  3. If something turns out great, you did it.

How attitudes work in our mind that give color to our actions. In other words our actions are colored according to our mental thoughts.

Being positive always creates positive vibration which attract positive energy towards us. Positive energy always includes  good and wealthy people, wealth and money, properties and good jobs.

This advice is a powerful medicine for all of us to heal and come our of the negative world to a new bright positive  world where we all see bright future that waiting for us to welcome us. It is up to us to create new and positive attitudes in our minds.

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