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10 Best ways to remove your negative energy

remove negative energy

We are energies and we use energy from outside. We are able to attract energy from outside in the way we want and according to the law of attraction. It depends on what kind of energy we like. As we all know there are two types of energy that normally we absorb in our day today life; positive energy and negative energy. When we say we absorb energy, the energy itself attracts us according to our energy that we produce in us continuously. This is the very reason to say that we need to pay attention on what we kind of energy we generate constantly and what kind of energy we attract from outside as the result of that.

Breath of Fire Foundational Breath Techniques for Benefits of Kundalini Yoga.

I have been practicing meditation, yoga and breathing exercise for few years and the outcome of those practices are tremendous. Among all those wonderful practises , breath of fire breathing techniques   is more important for me because it rises your kundalini energy rapidly so that one day your kundalini will be fully activated.

The Law Of Attraction To Manifest What You Want

The law of attraction is the secret to manifest anything what you want in your life. You want things to happen in your life, but most of the time it is not the case. Manifesting things in others life as simple as you think  but in your life no wonders happen  and you may wonder to know the secret. Abraham-Hicks Shares 3 Steps To Manifest Whatever You Want.

The Benefits of Breath Of Fire That Connects You With The Divine Spirit

Today we are going to see about the benefits of the breath of fire. What is breath of fire?  What are the benefits of the breath of fire. It activates your kundalini energy which is the source of all energy. “I will never let you go, and I will never leave you. I would defy creatures, and Gods, and terrible, brutal queens to keep you safe and by my side. I would move Mount Olympus itself to hold you in my arms and feel your heartbeat against mine. You are my soul, and yes, I will fight for you and protect you until my dying breath.”
Amanda Bouchet,

7 Signs You’re Entering into Another Dimension

I am sure that  you are aware of different dimensions in spirituality. If you allow yourself according to the divine nature, you will begin to evolve to other dimensions. I believe there is a reason behind everything that occurs. It’s my experience that there are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance, ever. What’s happening to the consciousness of everyone on our planet has many dimensions to it.

Awaken Kundalini: Activate Mother Nature Energy in You in Simple Steps

Kundalini is the mother nature energy which is in every one of us. Awaken your kundalini energy in simple steps that you will be connected with the divine mother. Many want to know how to awaken kundalini energy that remains in their root chakra.

How to Meditate: Learn Simple Technique of Meditation

Meditation is the way for peaceful life. Meditation gives more clarity of mind to understand things beyond our ordinary senses.It is good that we all need to learn simple technique meditation for peaceful life and clarify of mind.

20 Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symptoms You Might Experience

Spiritual awakening happens in life to begin mission or to accomplish mission. Spiritual awaking might happen spontaneously or through regular practice of meditation and prayers. These are the 20 spiritual awakening signs and symptoms you might experience when spiritual awakening happens.

10 Basic Kabbalah Principles To Understand the Purpose of Creation

To know the purpose of life is the source of  wisdom of everything. We are busy with so many things on this plane that we are not aware that we have purpose for life. Here you will find 10 basic kabbalah principles o understand the purpose of the creation.

10 Signs That You Have Positive High Vibration to Enjoy Being Alone

Life is normal and beautiful. Life is based on pure love and continuous peace. You might have noticed that some people want to be alone by themselves. By seeing them others think that they have some internal or mental problems. Actually that is not the case always. There are more signs, but here we give  you 10 signs that  indicate you have positive high vibration to enjoy being alone. This is one of the benefits of practicing meditation daily in our life.