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7 Best Responsive Free WordPress themes

Spina Wordpress Theme

Responsive wordpress themes are modern types themes to support with the latest wordpress as well as with all the devices. 7 Best Responsive Free WordPress themes are listed here and you can install them for free. You can also check these 10 free wordpress themes and 6 essential wordpress SEO plugins to boost your traffics.

10 Best Beautiful Free WordPress themes

meditation wordpress theme

10 Best Beautiful Free WordPress themes are listed here to anyone to install them freely. These wordpress themes are professionally designed and responsive to adopt with the latest wordpress system. To boost your wordpress website you should install these 6 plugins in your wordpress website.  Learn to create your own wordpress website step-by step-guide and use 30 free place to share your contents.

6 Print WordPress Plugins To Add Printer Friendly Option to Your WordPress

WordPress website looks friendly if we add necessary features nicely. Professional websites need print options that sometime someone wants to print your article to be taken away for good reasons. Here you will find 6 print wordpress plugins that work nicely to take print  out of your posts or pages. Though we pay more attentions on other factors that also bring nice out come of website, often we forget one of the important thing to add in our wordpress website. Why should we give more important to print functionality to our website? When we add print functionality to our website, we make sure that we are increasing our content sharing system that will bring more traffic to our website. Therefore let us do not forget to add print functionality to our website.

6 Best WordPress SEO Plugins That Boost Website Traffic

WordPress SEO plugins give success stories to webmaster. Installing correct SEO plugins to wordpress website boost website traffic. Do not forget to consider 6 best wordpress SEO plugins if you want to be successful in your website. Why wordpress SEO plugins are so important? To get the answer just see the full version of SEO. As we all know SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

How to Write Effective Post Title That Boost Your Traffic

Headlines speak the story. In other words the whole story is in headline. You see the magic of  pages  of articles in its healings. In this article we are going to give you the ideas how to write effective post title that boost your traffic. We are not going to give you all ideas in a long paragraph with lots of words, rather we give you ideas in brief formats that will accomplish your needs.  You are here to know how to write effective post title that boost your traffic. If you want to know how to increase your website traffic you read this article which may help you with beautiful ideas. 10 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic With More Visitors to your Website and you can also read:  Secret of More Website Traffic to Your Website to Earn More Money

How To Increase Alexa Rank of your website

Alexa rank is highly recommended to a blog or business in order to get more traffic.purpose. The reason behind alexa rank is that it always recommends trustworthy websites. If you are a publisher who is looking for earning money, you should consider alexa rank of your website to keep it in the first place. Many bloggers are aiming to earn money through their blogs. In this  situation, what is the role of alexa ranking of a website? Alexa ranking is more important than what you think when you come to a situation where you sell or buy websites. There are platforms where you can sell websites or web spaces to display ads in your websites. at this junction the advertises consider alexa rank and if alexa rank is higher, you will have more chances to be success in your business world.

How to Fix Yoast’s WordPress SEO Sitemap 404 Error

Yoast’s SEO plugin one of the best plugins for wordpress website to increase your blog traffic. If you find Yoast’s plugin sitemap that ends with creating sitemap 404 error and you must know how to fix it. If the Yoast’s SEO plugin works properly it will increase blog traffic more than expected. In the same way if some settings are not proper then it will damage the whole traffic of your blog. If your website is new then you need to submit your website sitemap to webmaster tool. As a good practice submit one sitemap to webmaster tool and if you submit more than one then it may create duplicate contents of your website.

How to Write Contents That Google Ranks Them High

Many find difficulties to work with Google search engine optimizer. The question is that,  are you writing posts for human or search engine?. Here we will learn to write Contents That Ranks High on Google search results. The answer may be both. But articles should be for human interested basis. Millions and millions of people around the world are using Google to search their interested articles. If your post is not optimized for Google search engines, and then even if you write good articles, it will not reach anyone around the world.

Want to Build Website Audience for Your Blog – Follow the Techniques How to Build

Are you tired of writing articles for your blog? Do You Want to Build Audience for Your Blog – Follow the Techniques of How to Build.

If you feel that you are tired of writing articles for your blog, I am sure your expectations are not completed.

What is your expectations? We will deal with that topic separately later.

Many bloggers find difficult to achieve their goals of blogging.

Here we are coming with the techniques of how to build audience for your blog.

I am sure if you follow those techniques you will get more audiences.